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Your vehicle can suffer major damage due to a pothole in the road. Unfortunately, navigating around them is a daily reality. Most of the times, you can not see a pothole until it is too late.

If you hit a pothole, damage can range from steering system misalignment to bent rims to tire puncture. In addition to that, the damage is not always obvious. Noticeable or not, pothole damage can put your vehicle’s systems and parts in peril, making it very important to get an inspection as soon as possible to identify and address any issues.

Whether you hit a pothole head–on or only went over part of it, it’s likely that your vehicle was damaged. The severity of damage depends on how deep the pothole was and on how fast you were driving. Some pothole damage is obvious, such as a flat tire. Still, it is important to remember other less apparent problems that can be lurking beneath the surface, leading to premature tire wear or the need for tire replacement.

When you hit a pothole or suspect pothole damage has occurred, get your car inspected as soon as possible. Identifying and correcting pothole damage can prevent the need for costlier repairs, as well as more serious damage to other parts of your vehicle.

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